Suzhou Wangshan Greendoor Resort Located in the core area of Wangshan which is a national 4A scenic area and the most beautiful village of Suzhou, Suzhou Wangshan Greeen Resort is surrounded by waters and trees and has got the reputation of “Green Eco Kingdo... [ Details]
Suzhou Yishe Hotspring Hotel Suzhou Yishe Hotspring Hotel is a small luxury hotel of five-star standard with self-contained facilities of villas, heath rooms, restaurants, spa and recreation. It is a health spa resort hotel with the theme of classical ga... [ Details]
Suzhou Xiangshan International Hotel Located by the Taihu Lake close to Dongshan and Xishan Scenic Spots, Suzhou Xiangshan International Hotel is a resort and conference hotel with a combination of travel, leisure and business meeting. The hotel has a total of o... [ Details]
Dongshan Hotel Located in Dongshan Scenic Spot with a space area of 360 mu, Dongshan Hotel is a time-honored state guesthouse which was built by the standards of international five-star hotels. It commands a fantastic view of mountains, wat... [ Details]
Suzhou Diaohualou Hotel Located in the historical and cultural town — Dongshan Town by the Taihu Lake in the southwest of Suzhou, Suzhou Diaohualou Hotel is situated in the same park as the most famous attraction in Taihu Lake tourist sites — Jiangn... [ Details]
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