A Trip to Explore the Culture of Jiangnan Ancient Villages

Tour highlights:

You can visit “Dongshan Qi Garden”, admire the three treasures in it and stroll down the halls and pavilions, having a good taste of essence of the ancient private garden by the Taihu Lake. With the long and narrow alley comes the residence of Wang Ao, the Prime Minister of the Ming Dynasty — Luxiang Ancient Village, which is also the shooting site of the TV series The Orange Has Turned Red. The national key unit of cultural relics protection, as one of the “two and a half halls of arhat sculptures in the world”, the “Zijin Convent” can be found here. In addition, you will have a chance to visit the first studio building in Jiangnan —“Carving Pattern Building”, appreciating the carving art in forms of “brick, wood, stone, and gold”

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