Orange In autumn, the oranges in Dongshan and Xishan become red. In early October there are yellow-skinned oranges, in late October there are Dongshan mandarin oranges that are regarded as the improved Huangyan mandarin oranges; in m... [ Details]
Grape From mid-July to the end of October, you can come to the TaihuLaketo pick grapes, and the great grape breeds such as Zuijinxiang, Riza Matt, Fujiminori, and Autumn Red and Weike etc are introduced from Europe, theUnited States... [ Details]
Eight Aquatic Treasures Places around the TaihuLakeinSuzhouhave always been the traditional area of aquatic crops. The eight aquatic treasures refer to cane shoot, lotus root, nanqian (gorgon fruit as called bySuzhoulocals), arrowhead, water chestnut... [ Details]
Peach The ripe season of peach in Suzhouis in June or July each year. Peach trees are planted around theTaihuLakewith rich varieties and different flavors but all peaches are tasty. In early summer when visitingSuzhou, it is interes... [ Details]
Waxberry “The whole mountain seems to be covered in red with waxberry in Summer Solstice.” The Xishan waxberry has three kinds by color, which are purple waxberry, red waxberry, and white waxberry, with the purple bayberry being the be... [ Details]
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