Folk Custom Tourism Festival

The Tai Ge performance full of strong local folk customs and traditions is not only a miracle of folk art in South China, but also a unique folk art treasure of DongshanTown. This art form originated from the prosperous times of the Qing Dynasty when Emperors Kangxi and Qianlong ruled the government, and has a history of nearly 300 years, which was a non-governmental activity used by ancient people to pray for bumper harvest in lunar calendar April. From 1984, people ofDongshanTown, have tried to gradually renew the Tai Ge performance, each village being responsible for one Tai Ge performance, and up to now they have performed 11 Tai Ge shows. The content of Tai Ge performance is based on historical stories and folklores such as “Xuxian Borrows an Umbrella”, "Butterfly Lovers", "PearlTower" and "Lv Bu Flirts with Diao Chan". Each time when Tai Ge shows are performed in Dongshan Town, it is like the grand gathering, and all the citizens will come here to appreciate the folk art that has disappeared for quite a long time.

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