Taihu Lake Fishing Festival

As China's largest inland fishing port, fishing villages along the Taihu LakeinSuzhou has still retained about a thousand authentic ancient fishing boats, living customs of fisherman and fishing culture. When it comes to the fishing season, hundreds of fishing boats sail together to departure in a spectacular scene. The Taihu Lake Fishing Festival is developed as a tourism festival on this basis.

In the solemn ceremony of worshipping the Taihu Lake, fishermen living around the lake offer a tribute pilgrimage, toast, and a series of traditional fishing fete activities combined with the tradition of the Taihu Lake advocating the natural fishing culture to guardian god King Da Yu of the Taihu Lake, expressing their reverence and gratitude to him. It is the customs and traditions of fishermen for hundreds of years to sacrifice the lake, pray for health and wealth, and sail to fish, indicating that the Taihu Lakewill welcome a new harvest season.

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