Eating Pastry

The Suzhou pastry enjoys a long history, taking root in the Spring and Autumn Period, originating in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, taking shape in two Song Dynasties, and developing in the Ming and Qing Dynasty. Among folk people in Suzhou, the pastry represents happiness, reunion and sweetness and holds their wishes for happy life. The Suzhou pastry has delicate and fine shapes, beautiful and harmonious colors, sweet and delicious tastes, and soft and thick texture. February Second “Back-Up Pastry”, March Pure Brightness “Green Pastry”, April Fourteenth “God Pastry”, May Fifth “Double Fifth Rice Dumpling”, June Twenty-Fourth “Kitchen Thanking Pastry”, July Ghost Festival “Cowpea Pastry”, August Twenty-Fourth “Glutinous Rice Cake”, September Ninth “Double Ninth Pastry”, October “Radish Pastry”, November “Winter Solstice Pastry”, and December “Sugar Candy Rice Cake”.

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