Brave Warrior Charging

According to a legend, this form of celebrating the New Year started from the Ming Dynasty and has been popular in Dongshan for hundreds of years. Brave Warrior Charging, in memory of legendary figures, is a kind of blessing and wish. This practice of Dongshan villages which naturally formed is: from the Lunar New Year's Day to the day of Lantern Festival, villagers of Luxiang dress up themselves with charging flags ahead and banners with wishes of peace and good weather behind; they carry brave warriors through streets and alleys and pay a New Year call to each other; the activity has many varieties, e.g. “patrolling street”, “charging lake mouth”, “strolling fair”, “Tangziling seizing fair” and “strolling mountains” etc; it is called Taihu Lake Carnival. When tourists watch Brave Warrior Charging in Dongshan, they can have a taste of authentic “brave warrior dish”.

Soybean Black Fish is said to take material from the flavor farmhouse dish at the time of the festival “Brave Warrior Charging” in the first month of the lunar New Year in Tangziling. The dish has an authentic taste. It is said that, enjoying this dish can make blessing god “Brave Warrior” bless you with wealth and luck.

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