Clay Sculpture

The Suzhou clay sculpture is one of China’s four famous clay sculptures and has a time-honored glorious history and position. The Suzhou clay sculpture has two kinds: one is large-scale clay sculpture, i.e. Gods and Buddhas sculptures in temples, called “Subang” clay sculpture; the other one is small clay sculpture, i.e. Huqiu clay figurine. The greatest advantage of the clay sculpture is that it is easy to get materials. Generally, local mountain clay is taken; then what follow are making framework, mixing clay, putting on clay, color painting or filling gold, with each step diving several small steps. It takes at least a couple of years to complete a work. The clay sculpture has become a unique traditional folk craft. As old craftsmen are departing this world, the super craft of Suzhou clay sculpture is facing a crisis of loss.

The Suzhou clay sculpture is Suzhous unique folk traditional art form. It integrates folk custom, religion, sculpture, painting and calligraphy etc, and has values of art, history, watching and collection etc.

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