Jade Carving

Suzhou is one birthplace of Chinese jade carvings. The ancient cultural remains of the Wu County from five or six thousand years ago was found to have polished jade Huang and jade Fu relics at the middle and upper layers, which are oldest jade wares China has discovered so far. In history, Suzhou has seen a great number of jade craftsmen, which has formed distinctive “Suzhou Work” regional features, taking a leading position in the area across the country, and furthermore, its jade carving technique is famous all over the country. Skilled jade craftsmen in Suzhou have traditional knowledge and experience. When they get an uncut jade, they will use a hammer to hit it and make a gap, from which they can tell its jade quality, and this is called “eye opening”. Then, through procedures of cutting, polishing, carving and shining, jades are made into various jade wares in different sizes. In the course of processing, according to jade color, the craftsman can cleverly carve jades into various shapes, figures, flowers or birds. The craftsman also can inlay small jades and precious stones on screens, hanging panels and other wares, making them look picturesque.

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